Dementia care for the elderly of Watford

Although dementia is by no means restricted to any particular age group, it is certainly more common in the older generation. It can affect memory, motor skills, and communication and have a real impact on practical abilities. At Sarah’s Home Care we understand the effects of dementia and use this knowledge and our experience to promote the best quality of life.

Dealing with dementia

Caring for dementia sufferers can be such a complex issue because every case is different. Good care planning and assessment give a good understanding of someone’s needs but there is no replacement for actually getting to know them as a person. By doing all the above, we can focus on each service user’s capabilities rather than any impairments or restrictions that dementia may have imposed on them.

Being sensitive, showing understanding, and having patience are the cornerstones of great dementia care. Having dementia does not mean you or your loved ones must have a reduced quality of life.

Supporting the whole family

Dementia, as with many illnesses does not just affect the person who has it. We know that often the people closest to the sufferer are affected just as strong as them and sometimes even more.

Sarah’s Home Care is committed to not only supporting our service users but also you, and the family. No one knows and cares about your loved one more than you. This is why we keep you fully involved wherever possible.

Whether you require a small period of respite or a long-term care solution, we can provide you with a fully bespoke package of care.

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